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Shower surround thoughts, comments, suggestions, and do’s and don’ts 

  • We can’t emphasize strongly enough how important pre planning is for a smooth and successful bathroom project! Laying out the bath before building will save time, money, and the headaches of doing things twice.

We have seen too many bathrooms that have been built, but not planned. By the time we get there it is too late to move a toilet that is in the way of a door, redo the tile, etc.

  • When framing the shower area, be sure to install some reinforcing studs where the glass will meet the wall.
  • When possible, avoid overhangs or other projections into the area where the glass will be. This will avoid expensive and unsightly notches into the glass or tile. If you want to use tile rope or other decorative effects, use the kind that allows the glass to “land” on a flat wall.
  • Designing the bathroom to avoid having to relocate plumbing and piping will save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.
  • Make sure that your shower will give you the room you will need to comfortably shower. 3′ x 3′ is a fairly tight shower. An area 4′ by 6′, or bigger, if you have it, will give you the room you want.
  • Think ahead about the location of the shower head and door locations. Setting the shower head so that it sprays directly onto the door is asking for a wet floor outside the shower area.
  • Be careful when rinsing your shower with your hand-held nozzle. Water WILL leave the shower if you point it at the spaces between doors and panels!
  • A frameless shower is like a sports car. They are beautiful to look at, but not always practical. If you want a totally water tight shower, you should consider a framed or semi frameless model.
  • Think twice about a wooden floor in a bathroom that will have a frameless shower.
  • There are seals and sweeps that can be applied to help control water leaving the shower area, but nearly all frameless showers will allow some water to escape through the small spaces required between the glass panels and doors.
  • Make sure that any curbs, wall tops, or tiled floors are pitched inward towards the shower. This will help make sure you don’t have water pooling or leaving the shower.
  • Flat curbs and wall tops work better than tiled. It is easier to seal to a flat area, than one with a series of grout lines.
  • If you are creating an enclosure with two or three glass walls make sure that the angles are either 90 or 135 degrees. All shower hardware is designed to work with these two angles
  • Avoid, or document, pipes and wiring that run near or past areas where the glass will be mounted, and be sure to tell us! Holes will need to be drilled into the wall for the fasteners and anchors. We want to avoid the hassles and inconvenience of finding them the hard way!
  • Be sure to spend the money and use high quality, mildew resistant caulking and sealants in the bathroom. We do! The investment will pay off in continuing satisfaction.
  • While we try to keep the need for obvious sealants to a minimum, please be sure to wait for 24 hours after installation, before using your shower. Silicones take that long to fully cure. Your shower will be more water tight, and less likely to build up any mildew.

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