“We give you the most value for your dollar”

Hour Glass Company has found our niche – shower surrounds. We do so many that my wife Holly said we should have named our business “Hour Shower”. So… that’s exactly what we did! That works out well for us, since shower work is our favorite thing to do!

There are many types of shower enclosures on the market and we’d be happy to show you the difference! It is our belief that better quality is detectable, affordable, lasts longer and is a better value than mass-marketed bargain brands. Yes, there is a difference.

We do all sorts of shower enclosures, while catering to all budgets. Everything from a simple single framed door, to a frameless floor to ceiling, or even a sealed “steam unit” complete with an operable ventilating transom. Go ahead, set your imagination free! We are confident that if you can dream it, we can make it real.

Box stores have recently tried to squeeze into the shower glass market. Their enclosures are made to a “one size fits all” standard. You are required to fit their parts and pieces to your custom shower area. This isn’t always easy, and may not give you the results you want. We have installed enough of “theirs” (at customer request) to know the difference it makes! We understand the expense and inconvenience of doing a bath remodel, and want you to be thrilled with the final results. A custom fit shower surround is made to fit your opening. All of our glass is templated to fit the imperfections and “outages” (out of plumb or level conditions) found in real life construction. Be a discerning shopper. You should also look closely at the differences in the hardware and fixtures.  We believe quality is a great investment and will save you much money in the long run.


Custom Shower Surrounds (and custom mirrorwork) add drama, elegance and style to any bathroom. Shower surrounds are a beautiful and elegant investment in your home, and help to make your personal style statement. They will improve the look and feel of your bathroom, whatever its size. They also eliminate the fuss and nuisance of shower curtains blowing in and sticking to you while you are trying to relax in the shower, as well as eliminating concerns about toxic chemicals, mold, and mildew found in and on shower curtains.

We provide superior workmanship at affordable prices. We don’t have the overhead of the large chain glass shops, but we do have the expertise of many years in the business! Everything is custom made and templated to fit your shower area. We come to you – at no charge – and with no pressure – to discuss your vision and provide a complete estimate. You can also stop in at our showroom at 619 Main Street (U.S. Route 1) South Portland to go over your project and see our displays in person.

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